In Time

The winds blew strongly,

The leaves were scattered.

Heaven let go of its burden.

The temperature dropped,

The sky darkened with a reddish hue,

Lightning flashed

and the thunders roared.


And myself?

I sat.

I gazed longingly at the changing weather

and basked in sorrow.

I basked in disappointment.

I basked in failure.


Slowly, the winds calmed,

The tint faded,

The sky lightened,

The rains disappeared,

And my spirit?

It felt at peace.


Great are You Lord

Great are you Lord

It’s your breath

In our lungs

So we pour out our praise

To You only

– “Great are You Lord” by All Sons and Daughters

Lord who else but you?

Can do the things that you do?

The mighty acts

Revealing facts

Things in our lives that




As patients of this world

We are impatient

We want to feel the Holy Spirit

But our lives have the whole world in it

This life of the earth we don’t know how to quit

And every day we’re being bit-

Infected by the sins of this world

Listening to things that humans have told

Us and believing them as though they are bold

Words that we can’t ignore

And I’m not sure

How much more

God can take.

Do you believe?

I believe in one God

Our Saviour and Lord

Jesus Christ

Who I might

Add died one night

For us

On the cross

For our sins

That have been



He suffered

And was condemned

Tortured to no end

Tried and crucified

Oh my

When Jesus was sentenced to die

For us

On the cross

For our sins

That we won’t let go

Instead we show

Our response of the word no

By living in the world

And not in His word

Which we all have heard

And deferred

So that we can be worldly

And not Holy.


How many of you are like Judas

Who betrayed Jesus

The King of Jews,

All you had to do was choose.


But wait, your life you’re going to have to lose.



Oh, not you?

Then I wonder who?

Only Your Love

Your love is like no other

Nothing else satisfies

It flows through the deepest waters

It rests on mountains high

– “Only Your Love” by Kari Jobe

Your love, Lord, is eternal

It’s mystical, it’s faithful

When we are faithless

Our lives – a mess

This life – a test

Our lives – it’s best

We turn to you

The only True

Living God

Oh Lord

We’re nothing but dogs

Not worthy to sit at your table

Not worthy to be in your presence

For we are only but peasants

Pleading to be able to please the prince of peace

Living like priests but we’re nothing paupers.

But still you love us God

These lowly hearts of ours

That we give to others instead of to you

Over you we choose the idols and booze

Partying and lose-

Ing our selves in the carnal

Denying the Spiritual

But wait just a minute now.

You can run all you want

And no, God won’t hunt

You down

But he’s waiting…

How long will you run from the inevitable?

From His purpose for your life

That you now live in vain

Oh what a pain

That you think this is a game.

Oh please, don’t give me that excuse

That’s so over used

It’s not the right time

I’m to young to live for God

There’s nothing I can do for the Lord

Hmm… then I wonder why you were born?

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder.
Of what do they mean?
Fond of never speaking again?
Fond of missing that person?
Fond of forgetting?
Fond of all the accumulated memories?

I don’t see any meaning in that statement.
One can be separated for several years and reconnect and another can do the same and smile, chat for a minute and disappear again.

My words are vague and my meaning is sure.
I have been away for so long, and God has been waiting on me patiently to come back into his arms where I belong.
I can’t believe it’s been so long, but God I’m here, and I’m willing to stay.
Just show me the way.

Me… and You.

This is no confession
This is a declaration of friendship
This is about me and you
This is for me and you
This is by me… for you.

I’ve just met you
I barely know you
But I feel as though this…
This thing between us
Was meant to be
I want to know you more
I want to know more about you
And in exchange you can learn more about me
I’ll start now.

I love to sing,
I enjoy writing poetry
I tend to get depressed when there are people that I know
And we haven’t chatted in days…
But I’m getting over it
I can make exceptions
For people like you
Because I know (barely) what your lifestyle is like
I know you like to disappear
And that’s fine
As long as you leave a message
(That worries me :<)

I want to see you
I want you to see me
So we can see each other
And just…
See each other

This is all new to me
This is all confusing to me
This is all new…
And confusing

I hope…
I can understand these feelings
Never before have I felt this way
Felt this feeling
But it’s not a scary feeling
I like the feeling
It’s a feeling I’d like to learn more about
A curious feeling
I was told it was a developing crush…

Well I’ll be bold
And say…
Let that crush develop
I’m not talking about love
Since I’ve no idea what it is
I don’t even know

Let’s just take it slow?
Let’s get to know each other
Cam with me
I’ll cam with you
Smile for me
I’ll smile for you
Laugh with me
I’ll laugh with you
Know me
I’ll know you
Listen to me
I’ll sing for you
Blush for me
I’ll giggle for you
Be there for me
And I’ll always depend on you.

This is no confession
This is a declaration of friendship
This is about me and you
This is for me and you
This is by me… for you.


This is not a goodbye,
But a see you soon.
Not even an “I miss you”
Even if I do.
It’s just a reminder,
That I’ll be here waiting for you.
I’m sure that there will be others
Who will miss your presence as well,
But not as much as me… I guess.
Who else will give you waffle hearts?
Who else will sing for you?
Who else will call you ‘teddy bear’?
Just like I do.
So come back for sure.
I won’t forget you at all.
Even if I don’t have your number,
Even if I can’t call,
It may be too expensive to text,
And Facebook would be my next bet
In terms of communicating with you.
Take lots of pictures;
I want to see them all.
Take videos as well;
Maybe I’d be enthralled.
It’s just this one thing I ask of you;
Don’t forget me,
I won’t forget you.
And remember,
This is not a goodbye,
But a see you soon.