In Time

The winds blew strongly,

The leaves were scattered.

Heaven let go of its burden.

The temperature dropped,

The sky darkened with a reddish hue,

Lightning flashed

and the thunders roared.


And myself?

I sat.

I gazed longingly at the changing weather

and basked in sorrow.

I basked in disappointment.

I basked in failure.


Slowly, the winds calmed,

The tint faded,

The sky lightened,

The rains disappeared,

And my spirit?

It felt at peace.


The Sun

There are times when I hate the sun
With its blistering hear.
Man, do I miss it when the place is cold!
When I’m freezing to death…
And there’s no one else to share body heat with,
But it can get really hot.
Makes me feel all sweaty and gross
And I’d have to take a cold bath,
Because hot baths wouldn’t do me any justice.
I can go to the beach.
Awesome idea right?

But think about the sun
It has to shine all day, and all night
To ensure that we,
And all our other brethren on this earth
Have warmth during the day,
Even if it’s at completely different times.

What if we were suns?
We’d all shine too.
Some more than others.

If I were a sun, I’d want to be half bright.
Why, you wonder?
Well I’d want to be half dark,
So that those without light can see that I’m with them,
And that’s its okay to now have any light,
Because they’d find their light soon enough.
And half-bright,
Because to be fully bright
Would mean to blind others,
And I want people to know that
It’s okay to have half your light,
Because shining full out can indicative that
You’re the best of the best,
That you’re showing off,
Just because you can shine the brightest.

In that case…
I don’t want to be a sun.
I want to be a light bulb,
Shining brightly,
So that I can give other people ideas,
And set an example.

Now… with all that being said,
Are you doing to be a sun?
Shining half-bright
Or fully bright?
Or, are you going to be a bulb,
Spreading ideas all over the world.

I already made me decision.
I want to be a light bulb.
Never mind the warmth that comes` from the sun
I have friends and blankets for that.

But think about it,
If the sun was real, and living,
It’d have a complicated life.
It guess it’s a good thing that
The planets revolve around the sun
And now vice versa.
Now, there’d be some problems there.