Great are You Lord

Great are you Lord

It’s your breath

In our lungs

So we pour out our praise

To You only

– “Great are You Lord” by All Sons and Daughters

Lord who else but you?

Can do the things that you do?

The mighty acts

Revealing facts

Things in our lives that




As patients of this world

We are impatient

We want to feel the Holy Spirit

But our lives have the whole world in it

This life of the earth we don’t know how to quit

And every day we’re being bit-

Infected by the sins of this world

Listening to things that humans have told

Us and believing them as though they are bold

Words that we can’t ignore

And I’m not sure

How much more

God can take.


Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder.
Of what do they mean?
Fond of never speaking again?
Fond of missing that person?
Fond of forgetting?
Fond of all the accumulated memories?

I don’t see any meaning in that statement.
One can be separated for several years and reconnect and another can do the same and smile, chat for a minute and disappear again.

My words are vague and my meaning is sure.
I have been away for so long, and God has been waiting on me patiently to come back into his arms where I belong.
I can’t believe it’s been so long, but God I’m here, and I’m willing to stay.
Just show me the way.


Why’d you have to runaway?
Even though I had nothing to do with the situation…
I still want to chase after you,
Even though you’re long gone.
I want to hug you,
Even if it brings a little comfort to you, or even none at all,
To ease your sorrows
Even though we are generations apart.
I want to sit with you,
Even if it would muddy the white skirt I’m wearing.
But I’m torn…
In half
Because of you.
I’m stuck between my duty to the dozens of people here,
And you:
Just one person,
I want to run to you,
To help you,

The Background

I sit in the backseat.
I observe,
And yet i rarely contribute
I am not worthy to interrupt you.
I am not worthy to be in your presence.
I long for you,
For your presence,
For your company,
But you never notice,
You never will anyway.
I think it’s meant to be that way-
Me in the shadows,
You in the spotlight.

The life of the Background.

It’s Alright

When something happens, they say;
“It’s Alright”,
If we get hurt, they say;
“It’s Alright”,
It isn’t always alright, you know.
It’s not alright: when we’re in pain,
When we’re grieving, when we’re troubled.
Instead you fool us with your ‘sweet talking’ and your lies,
And that “Alright” we were wishing for
Becomes a “Horrible” we don’t want.
Instead, why don’t you say;
“It’s going to be alright”,
“It’ll be better”,
At least we won’t hurt in the end when it turns out to be not alright,
At least you tried to comfort me,
Nevertheless in the wrong way,
By bringing me hope,
Then crushing is like Santa’s Clause’s sparking globe:
All the snow scattered,
All my hope shattered.
The glass broken into shards,
My strength diminshed.
And you’re okay right?
I’m glad you are.
I’m glad you’re not troubles as I am.
I wish you future happiness,
Not future sadness.
So just remember,
Even if people tell you that “It’s Alright”,
Know in your heart, that it’s not just alright,
But it’s gonna be alright.

“Used To Be”

Stand up for yourself, my friend
Breakthrough from those chains binding you
It may be a long, hard and strenuous journey
But with enough faith, you can persevere
If you lack faith and courage
And the convition to be yourself
I wish you luck
I hope for that day you would find your inner strength
And see the truth of the situation
Your life is your life
Not mine
The most I can do is try to persuade you on what I think is best for you
Only you know what’s best for yourself
If you’re unsure, then think about it for a while
Then leave it alone
Trust me, the answer will come to you when you least expect it
Don’t let yourself become a victim to the benefit of others
If you need their opinion, that’s fine
But don’t let them order you around like you’re a messenger
And then get thrown away like last week’s toilet paper roll
If it’s something you feel you have to do then fine
But that day will come when you will snap like a twig accidentally stepped on
And people will feel your hidden wrath
They will feel your anger
Then will regret every wrong deed they ever did to you
They will either
Remain the same
Go through the same cycle they did you, just with someone else
They will apologize
Beg for your forgiveness
Grovel at your feet
And they will never be the same to you
So if you’re up for being used
Then that’s you
But eventually
That “to be used”
Will become “used to be”
And you will be free.

I Cry

I hate it when people treat me like nothing
Like I’m just this nuisance in the world
And though I know I should ignore it…
I just cry.

I hate it when I get in trouble from an adult
When I’ve tried my best and things don’t work out
And though I know that I shouldn’t
I still cry

And then again, whenever I do something wrong at home
I get quarrel with, then they get quarreled
And I say it’s unfair
And I cry

You’re probably thinking that all I do is cry
I try to hide my tears when I cry
But it’s only rarely that people don’t see it
Because they’ve never seen me cry
The tears just don’t flow that strong

I cry… because I feel like I’ve failed
Failed to do something simple
I cry when I’m wronged
But nevertheless
I cry