Great are You Lord

Great are you Lord

It’s your breath

In our lungs

So we pour out our praise

To You only

– “Great are You Lord” by All Sons and Daughters

Lord who else but you?

Can do the things that you do?

The mighty acts

Revealing facts

Things in our lives that




As patients of this world

We are impatient

We want to feel the Holy Spirit

But our lives have the whole world in it

This life of the earth we don’t know how to quit

And every day we’re being bit-

Infected by the sins of this world

Listening to things that humans have told

Us and believing them as though they are bold

Words that we can’t ignore

And I’m not sure

How much more

God can take.


The Decision

One moment you’re there,
And I want to be there with you.
But I can’t help the times where I hate you,
And I can’t help the times where I love you.
The times when you’re just being you.

The moment where I know
It’s never meant to be
And yet I let you go,
To protect you?
No. To protect me.
I’m more fragile than you think.
I’m more fragile than you know.
Do you?
Do you know?
I guess you don’t.
That’s alright.
It makes it easier
To not love you,
Yo stay away from you,
To hate you,
To be everything I’m not.

All because I just want to protect myself.
You understand…

Just To Let You Know

I know you don’t see,
But I want to let you know,
Without letting you know,
That you’re hurting my feelings.
You’re hurting me.

Sure, I make mistakes.
Sure, you’re my best friend,
But you’re not my only friend.

It’s unfair the way you treat me,
And I’m too kind to do anything about it.
And you’re too selfish to care.
It’s like even with what I’m getting
I’m still better off than you.
Which isn’t true.

I’m just letting you know
Without letting you know,
That you should stop.
Your cruelty just breaks me.

Thank God I have reliable people.
People that I can turn to when I’m down.
People that love me.
People that I love.


You stranger…
How could you?
Anonymously, you came at the peak of the night,
Under a disguise,
And you enchanted me,
You captivated me,
I wanted more-
I wanted to know you more,
To feel this feeling once more,
This unknown feeling…
That feeling that makes you excited at the thought
Of just simply talking with him,
That makes you smile
Faster than anyone else you’ve ever known,
That one person you unconsciously want to impress…
Just because…
I wish what we have will never go.
I wish what we have will never change.
I wish what we have will never erode.
I love what we have,
That thing between us both.
I don’t know what it’s to you,
But it means so damn much to me.
That one stranger.
You came anonymously at the peak of the night,
Under a disguise,
And you enchanted me,
You captivated me,

Friends Forever

Why do they choose me?
To pick on? To like?
Sometimes even to start a fight?

There’s a girl right next to me
She looks better than I do
Way better
But still you choose me

They all say I have a ‘sexy’ voice
I’d rather choose the guy that says
That my voice is ‘cute’ or even ‘nice’
But no, they choose ‘sexy’ as that I would like it

I don’t really like complements
You think I’m nice or good-looking
Keep it to yourself, or leave me alone
I’s simple as that

I’d really rather us being friends
But they don’t like that
They want to be more than friends
They do, I don’t

So if you notice that I don’t like you at first
And don’t want to be friends
Stop talking to me now
So it won’t hurt even more when our friendship ends

But if you like me
And is willing to be friends
I’ll gladly accept that
We’ll be friends forever.

Once Upon A Time

To that person I used to care about,

I remember that day
The day I asked you to never abandon me
And what did you say?
You said “Never”; That’s not what I see
You’re hardly there,
Even for a few seconds
And I’m lost over here
Still stuck in the moment
I understand you’re a busy person
I’m a busy person too
But yet I can find time to chat
Why can’t you?
But it’s fine, I think
I (have) can find people worth more’
People to put my trust and brotherly love in
And who’s considerably pire
And truthful and kind
And honestly cares for me
As much as I do them
They pick a minute out of their daily lives
Just to tell me “Hi”
Something which you’ve never done
And probably will never do
But I won’t mull over it anymore
I’m better than that
Even though you’d never see this
I’ll say thank you
For being suck an ass
And showing me that I was better off without you anyways
Instead of hoping
For nothing
Or everything
(Like one of my previous poems stated)
You may mean something to me
And I nothing to you
Or the other way around
But anyways
Thank You.

Time’s Up

One minute left. That’s how much longer it’ll take for him to snap. To break loose. To free that demon battling inside of him. It’s tough…Enduring insults and trying to reign in that beast. 55 seconds left. He zones out their insults.

“…he’s nothing but a mistake from a party. I don’t know why he wasn’t aborted. He’s stupid enough already”

Whoops. Fast forward 30 seconds. Silence. 20 seconds left. He stands there, surrounded by children his age, as well as adults. He is alone. No one wants to stands by his side. After all he didn’t do it. It was none other than….

“… He’s a disgrace.” someone spat out venomously.

10 seconds. He stands still, unmoving. 5 seconds. They all begin to slowly close in. 1 second…. Time’s up. A gunshot rings out in the still silent air. No one dares to move an inch. Some are frozen in some pretty amusing positions. One person walks through the crowd. They part and make a path for him/her. The gender is unknown. The strangers face was wrapped in a royal blue cloth. Their attire was baggy jeans, cowboy boots and a man’s shirt. The stranger takes off the cloth from around his/her face.

It’s a girl.

“Tell me this” she begins, turning in a circle, “all of you know who I am, I’m positive”

Her words are met with silence.

“Then why do you dare to hurt my brother. What do you have against him?”

Her words are met with silence once more.

“Tell me” she says silently, threatening.

“I killed someone” the boy says. “She played with my emotions and my emotions got the better of me”

“Well I think she deserved that. Ungrateful *****”

By then, the crowd had already thinned out. No one wanted to risk the wrath of her. They knew all about her killing sprees that usually happened when she was livid. Yet no one knew exactly what the cause of her anger was. One by one everyone left… until it as just her and the boy

“You’re a disgrace” she spat out, “you can’t even defend yourself.”

The boy said nothing. He continued to stare at his sister as she stared angrily at him.

“So what, you have nothing to say?” she shouted at the boy.

“Amanda, shut up.” The boy said.

“No, John, you shut up.” Amanda shouted right back at him.

Both stared angrily at each other. Amanda, having the impatient nature, struck out first, slapping her brother on his face. A red hand print was clearly seen on his pale face. John stood still, not even flinching and his actions angered his sister even more. Unable to help it, John let a smirk fall on his face.

Amanda’s face was turning redder by the second.

“I hate you, John Maxwell” Amanda shouted in rage.

“Yet I still love you, Amanda Swine.”

“I thought you were brother and sister?” a small voice comes from the distance.

Amanda is frozen in her spot by John’s confession and becomes even more alarmed at the sound of the little girl who makes herself known.

John bends down to the little girls level and looks her in the eye.

“The reason why Mandy here calls me her brother because she loves me romantically, but yet she refuses to see the truth and is stuck believing that she loves me as a sibling and not a lover.”

“Well she’s missing out.” The little girl said, “If it were me, I’d take you home and have my way with you,” the girl said with a wink.

Appalled, John asked the little girl where she heard that phrase because he knew that she couldn’t have come up with it on her own.

“Daddy says it to mommy every night,” the little girl replied.

With a chuckle, John ushers the little girl towards the direction of the village centre and tells her to go home. Meanwhile, Amanda stood still, unmoving, clearly having heard what John said to the little girl.

“Well, I’m going. You coming, swiney?” John teased and began his journey towards another village.

In pure frustration, Amanda, unsheathed a dagger she kept in her shoe and threw it at John. After all, the only reason she came was a kill him, as per orders. Not expecting the dagger, John tried to duck and spin out of the way but apparently only made things worse. Instead of the dagger piercing his lower back, it went through his left side, through his ribcage and straight to his heart.

He didn’t even get time to acknowledge what had happened because the blackness had already overtaken him.

He was dead.

Amanda stared in horror at what she had done and without thinking, stabbed herself with the same dagger she had used to kill the guy she loved.

“I love you, John Maxwell. I’m terribly sorry I didn’t realise this sooner.”

With those last words she collapsed next to the man she loved. It just so happened that she grasped his hand before the blackness consumed her.

Many passed to and fro the path where they both died. All that could be seen was a pair of skeletons holding hands and it appeared as though someone had dug the ground around their bodies leaving a natural pedestal that displayed their bodies.