Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder.
Of what do they mean?
Fond of never speaking again?
Fond of missing that person?
Fond of forgetting?
Fond of all the accumulated memories?

I don’t see any meaning in that statement.
One can be separated for several years and reconnect and another can do the same and smile, chat for a minute and disappear again.

My words are vague and my meaning is sure.
I have been away for so long, and God has been waiting on me patiently to come back into his arms where I belong.
I can’t believe it’s been so long, but God I’m here, and I’m willing to stay.
Just show me the way.


Train Tracks

It’s where we used to play as kids
All closed up now,
It was our playground.
It was our refuge.
It was our sanctuary.
All abandoned.
Our second home.
The train tracks


Sometimes we feel like this hallway goes in only one direction
It’s that one-way street
No reversing
Nowhere to make that U-turn
If you forgot something
It’s gone forever
That that’s how our lives are like
There’s no turning back
Your Past
You’re living it now
Your Present
And your accidents, stops
Speeding, drunk driving
Will determine your future
Like I said before, there is no reversing
No space to make that U-turn
You have to go with flow
Branching out when you want to
When the time is right
Be yourself
Take risks
If you have the gut feeling that something is right
Then go for it
Don’t let those opportunities go to waste
Because there’s no turning back
In that one-way lane.

Once Upon A Time

One upon a time,
I thought you were cool,
You were new, and humble
And had a nice smile.

Once upon a time,
I thought we were friends,
Two feathers of a bird,
Two birds of the same kind.

A long, long time ago,
We were inseparable:
Joined at the hip,
Always barked but never bit.

Then I fell off the ladder,
And you kept climbing up,
Struggling to reach the top,
To that desired hotspot.

Not a single thought about me,
If I was okay?
Just a “Don’t get hurt, ‘kay.”
After I landed from my fall.

That was the last straw,
And not from the glass cup
My last length of thread
Gone with all the reason I had left.

I wouldn’t put up with any more,
Ever since I walked through that door,
Then, I had my mind made up
No longer putting up with this anymore.

Now it’s my turn to shine
I’m gonna step into the limelight,
Show them what I can do
Show them my tricks and moves

It’s obvious that they’ll want me
Just like they wanted my best friend
But I’m not gonna let that happen
It’s gonna be me against the world

I’ll do what I can
I’ll be my own woman
And even though my life won’t just be ‘fine’
I’ll strive to make it better than that Once Upon A Time

The Future

What is the future?
I can’t seem to see,
I always see the present and past,
What can the future be?

I heard it’s something-
Something we will soon become
Like a doctor or a lawyer
Or with the earth we’d become one.

There future is something
That’s ever changing
One minute I could be successful
And the next minute I’m failing.

We are the future
Even though we live in the present
Because this world needs us
To be better inhabitants