So young, yet so old. That’s what Emily Baker is. Someone with a 6 year old body and the mind of a 30 year old who had seen so much. At the age of 4, she learned to read and write. She was ecstatic every time her parents came home so she could learn more.

All she needed was 1 year, homeschooled and she was ready to enter grade 8. Little Emily was a fast learner, and her parents took advantage of this. It was clear to them at an early stage that their child had a photographic memory, so all they had to do was teach her to read. It wasn’t much of a problem because of her ability to learn quickly.

In addition to her academic achievements, they also taught her how to be the perfect liar and how to wrap them around her little fingers.

At age 5, she was the richest kid on earth, even richer than Bill Gates. How she became this rich you wonder?


She conned them.

As per request from her parents, she used her exceptional lying skills and photographic memory to con people as well as threaten them with information that she overheard. Before long, there were monthly deposits of over 100 thousand being deposited into various bank accounts by various persons.

The days after Emily’s 6th birthday were days she would never forget.

One morning when Emily woke up, she saw her parents missing. She searched the whole house until she got back to her room, completely lost and numb. Who would she go to now? Her parents were missing and she had no idea if she had any relatives or not.

Even though Emily had lost her parents, she knew that she had to continue living her life, with or without them.

At the age of sixteen, as Emily sat her apartment flat, she thought about her childhood days.

At the time, it seemed like lots of fun but when she really thought about it, her parents had been using her. She was just a puppet. In a way she was glad they had died, but yet she missed them.
Why, she thought, why use me? The only answer that Emily could come up with was that her parents were gold diggers. Why take advantage of a little girl with a photographic memory… no… Why take advantage of their own daughter just to earn money?

Emily was disgusted with herself after realising how her life had been. Picking up her phone, she called the bank and immediately donated money to various charity. Each charity foundation got ten thousand each. By the end of the day, Emily was at least 1 million dollars poorer than she was the day before.

And she was okay with it. After all, even though her innocence was taken away from her by none other than her parents, and she couldn’t take back all that she’d done, she’d do anything in her will to benefit others, and she’d continue doing it until the day she died.