Big White Room

“Justin! It’s so… soft, comfortable, almost like a plushie… but I can’t touch it. Why can’t I? Oh… they tied me up; said I was crazy. I’m not crazy… right? They made me put on this cute jacket backwards. It’s hot pink, with black bunnies. Then they told me to close my eyes and fold my arms. They said that we were going to play a game but they had to tie something on me. Well… I was angry with them because they called me crazy, but then I forgot when they said that we are going to play a game. Next thing you knew, my arms were hurting. They tied it, along with my jacket to my back. Then they said that we were going to play a game; Hide and Seek. They said I was it. They told me to count to twenty. And I did. When I opened my eyes, they were gone. Justin! They left me alone!”

She burst into tears.

“They tricked me! Abandoned me! They left me alone here… all bored. It’s a good thing I have you, Justin.”

She tried to get up but couldn’t.

“Justin, help me! Please!”

She begged and begged but Justin couldn’t do anything. After all, he was a figure of her imagination.

Meet Justin, Maria’s imaginary friend. His appearance is undefined.

Meet Maria, the ‘crazy’ girl who’s had an imaginary friend since the age of five. They’ve (Maria and Justin) been ‘best friends’ for 20 years and counting… which would mean that Maria is 25 years old.

As a kid, Maria’s parents never paid much attention to her. That’s where Justin came from. Justin was the only person who ‘listened’ to her when she broke her arm at the age of five, when she had her first real best friend, her first crush, her first boyfriend, her first break up, her first everything. All these things her parents never knew about… until that day she blew up at her parents.

And ended up where she was now.

Such an unfortunate event to happen to dear Maria.

“Justin! Help me. Don’t tell me you’re on their side!” Maria shouted.

Then, there was silence… for about five minutes…

“You traitor! I thought you said you would always be there for me?”

A lie, because Justin had never said a word to her; it was all one-sided conversations.

Day and night, for a week, Maria would talk and talk and talk. And the doctors and specialists would just watch her. She refused to eat after the second week.

No matter what was done, they couldn’t get Maria to eat at all. This went on for about three days before they put her on fluids and tied her down to a bed, of course knocking her out first. After a couple days they took her off from the fluids. This cycle went on for a couple months where a couple days she would be on the fluids and the other days off until that one day.

Maria waited for them to take her off the fluids, and for the monthly injection. They usually did the injections when everyone was asleep. After months of observation, Maria knew exactly when they would come to give her the injection. In preparation for that night, Maria made sure to take a nap earlier in the day, telling the doctors that she felt exhausted.

The time of the injection was to take place at midnight, and her previous nap ensured that she remained awake. Unfortunately, the specialists found it suspicious that she’d want to sleep during the day when she’d never done it before, so they made sure to send backup. Maria thought that her plan was fool proof, but she was proven wrong when the bulky security guard barged into the room at the first sign of struggle.

Their attempts were soon becoming futile. One minute the nurse was giving Maria her injection. The next second Maria rolled off the bed and onto the floor, effectively pushing in the syringe further. To make things worse, she tried to break her fall, which only succeeded in somewhat forcing a hole through her elbow and causing the syringe to pierce her chest; more specifically, her heart.

Attempts were made to get a hold of any family members but they proved useless. There was nothing else to be done. Meanwhile, Maria’s body was wrapped and sent to the morgue. A quick burial would take place.

The sad things about it all, is that Maria had no friends. She had no one to whom she was close to. Therefore, Maria’s death had no impact on anyone at all. She was alone from young, and will forever be alone.


That Fairytale Ending/Life Ain’t Fair

I’m sure that all of us… no… most of us have the appearance of that “hot fella” we want to marry in the future, what our “future jobs” will be, how our “future homes” will look, and even how much kids we want to have in the future. It’s like that premonition of everything we want.

You want that hot Mexican guy, that hot Indian guy, they hot Spanish guy, or even the hot French, British, Italian, Russian, or Portuguese guys, or whatever other kind of guy you have in mind.

You want a man who could cook; who could give you massages when you’re tired, and who will take you out on dates, even when you married.

You want a guy who knows when not to piss you off and knows when to annoy or distract you because you’re stressing about something big.

You want a guy who will be there every step of the way during your pregnancies; who’ll be there every second to endure your insults, cursing, and squeezing-of-the-hand-to-death when you’re in that hospital bed going through labour and delivering that baby.


But life ain’t fair.

You can either be:
The next successor
Or the next failure

The next queen
Or the next servant

The next wife
Or the next surrogate mother

The next president/prime minister
Or the next vagrant (hobo)

The next doctor
Or the next person with cancer

The next richest person in the world
Or the next person who owes so much to the bank that the bank sold all his possessions and he still owes money to the bank

The next person with a mansion or any kind of ginormous house
Or the next homeless person

It’s all up to you and how you live your life. Maybe you won’t get that “hot guy”… or maybe you would…

Who knows?

For the guys who read this, just replace fella/guy/man with the appropriate word of the opposite gender. Unless you ride the bent road…

Fake Truths

Love me, they said, and I wouldn’t have to worry anymore
What am I now?
Trust me, they said, and I’ll provide for you
Where am I now?
I’m suffering, because I believed you.
Because I fell into your trap,
Carefully planned out because I wasn’t your only victim,
I thought that because of the fact that I was new, that people were being nice to me
I was wrong,
I fell right into your trap that moment I smiled back at you
You led me on
Going slow, so that when that day came, I’d give you what you wanted
And I blindly did so
I gave you all I had
I have nothing now
I’m broken
A shell
What I used to be
Is no longer me
All because of you
And your lies
And misleading me
Now even your friends knew what you were up to
They believed that you were truly in love with me
Until that day I walked into school,
An aura of depression around me
They knew something was wrong
I wouldn’t even say a word, unless asked by a teacher
I’d give my answer then fall into silence once more
News came
You died
And I sighed
Till she came around
And slapped me
And boy, was I angry
Suddenly, colour came back to my face
And all the anger from your betrayal came to the surface
And I punched her
In the face
Her nose broke
Blood began squirting out
And I wasn’t sorry at all.
I went to the principal’s office
Explained my situation
And he let me go
Without punishment
He knew I wouldn’t do anyone harm without reason
So I went home,
Driving blindly,
Oblivious of the car speeding down the road on my lane
I waited until the last moment to swerve and I had enough skill to return my car to it’s rightful position
The other driver didn’t
All I heard was the sound of crushing metal and with one last sight
I sped off into the night
Of to solace


So young, yet so old. That’s what Emily Baker is. Someone with a 6 year old body and the mind of a 30 year old who had seen so much. At the age of 4, she learned to read and write. She was ecstatic every time her parents came home so she could learn more.

All she needed was 1 year, homeschooled and she was ready to enter grade 8. Little Emily was a fast learner, and her parents took advantage of this. It was clear to them at an early stage that their child had a photographic memory, so all they had to do was teach her to read. It wasn’t much of a problem because of her ability to learn quickly.

In addition to her academic achievements, they also taught her how to be the perfect liar and how to wrap them around her little fingers.

At age 5, she was the richest kid on earth, even richer than Bill Gates. How she became this rich you wonder?


She conned them.

As per request from her parents, she used her exceptional lying skills and photographic memory to con people as well as threaten them with information that she overheard. Before long, there were monthly deposits of over 100 thousand being deposited into various bank accounts by various persons.

The days after Emily’s 6th birthday were days she would never forget.

One morning when Emily woke up, she saw her parents missing. She searched the whole house until she got back to her room, completely lost and numb. Who would she go to now? Her parents were missing and she had no idea if she had any relatives or not.

Even though Emily had lost her parents, she knew that she had to continue living her life, with or without them.

At the age of sixteen, as Emily sat her apartment flat, she thought about her childhood days.

At the time, it seemed like lots of fun but when she really thought about it, her parents had been using her. She was just a puppet. In a way she was glad they had died, but yet she missed them.
Why, she thought, why use me? The only answer that Emily could come up with was that her parents were gold diggers. Why take advantage of a little girl with a photographic memory… no… Why take advantage of their own daughter just to earn money?

Emily was disgusted with herself after realising how her life had been. Picking up her phone, she called the bank and immediately donated money to various charity. Each charity foundation got ten thousand each. By the end of the day, Emily was at least 1 million dollars poorer than she was the day before.

And she was okay with it. After all, even though her innocence was taken away from her by none other than her parents, and she couldn’t take back all that she’d done, she’d do anything in her will to benefit others, and she’d continue doing it until the day she died.

Time’s Up

One minute left. That’s how much longer it’ll take for him to snap. To break loose. To free that demon battling inside of him. It’s tough…Enduring insults and trying to reign in that beast. 55 seconds left. He zones out their insults.

“…he’s nothing but a mistake from a party. I don’t know why he wasn’t aborted. He’s stupid enough already”

Whoops. Fast forward 30 seconds. Silence. 20 seconds left. He stands there, surrounded by children his age, as well as adults. He is alone. No one wants to stands by his side. After all he didn’t do it. It was none other than….

“… He’s a disgrace.” someone spat out venomously.

10 seconds. He stands still, unmoving. 5 seconds. They all begin to slowly close in. 1 second…. Time’s up. A gunshot rings out in the still silent air. No one dares to move an inch. Some are frozen in some pretty amusing positions. One person walks through the crowd. They part and make a path for him/her. The gender is unknown. The strangers face was wrapped in a royal blue cloth. Their attire was baggy jeans, cowboy boots and a man’s shirt. The stranger takes off the cloth from around his/her face.

It’s a girl.

“Tell me this” she begins, turning in a circle, “all of you know who I am, I’m positive”

Her words are met with silence.

“Then why do you dare to hurt my brother. What do you have against him?”

Her words are met with silence once more.

“Tell me” she says silently, threatening.

“I killed someone” the boy says. “She played with my emotions and my emotions got the better of me”

“Well I think she deserved that. Ungrateful *****”

By then, the crowd had already thinned out. No one wanted to risk the wrath of her. They knew all about her killing sprees that usually happened when she was livid. Yet no one knew exactly what the cause of her anger was. One by one everyone left… until it as just her and the boy

“You’re a disgrace” she spat out, “you can’t even defend yourself.”

The boy said nothing. He continued to stare at his sister as she stared angrily at him.

“So what, you have nothing to say?” she shouted at the boy.

“Amanda, shut up.” The boy said.

“No, John, you shut up.” Amanda shouted right back at him.

Both stared angrily at each other. Amanda, having the impatient nature, struck out first, slapping her brother on his face. A red hand print was clearly seen on his pale face. John stood still, not even flinching and his actions angered his sister even more. Unable to help it, John let a smirk fall on his face.

Amanda’s face was turning redder by the second.

“I hate you, John Maxwell” Amanda shouted in rage.

“Yet I still love you, Amanda Swine.”

“I thought you were brother and sister?” a small voice comes from the distance.

Amanda is frozen in her spot by John’s confession and becomes even more alarmed at the sound of the little girl who makes herself known.

John bends down to the little girls level and looks her in the eye.

“The reason why Mandy here calls me her brother because she loves me romantically, but yet she refuses to see the truth and is stuck believing that she loves me as a sibling and not a lover.”

“Well she’s missing out.” The little girl said, “If it were me, I’d take you home and have my way with you,” the girl said with a wink.

Appalled, John asked the little girl where she heard that phrase because he knew that she couldn’t have come up with it on her own.

“Daddy says it to mommy every night,” the little girl replied.

With a chuckle, John ushers the little girl towards the direction of the village centre and tells her to go home. Meanwhile, Amanda stood still, unmoving, clearly having heard what John said to the little girl.

“Well, I’m going. You coming, swiney?” John teased and began his journey towards another village.

In pure frustration, Amanda, unsheathed a dagger she kept in her shoe and threw it at John. After all, the only reason she came was a kill him, as per orders. Not expecting the dagger, John tried to duck and spin out of the way but apparently only made things worse. Instead of the dagger piercing his lower back, it went through his left side, through his ribcage and straight to his heart.

He didn’t even get time to acknowledge what had happened because the blackness had already overtaken him.

He was dead.

Amanda stared in horror at what she had done and without thinking, stabbed herself with the same dagger she had used to kill the guy she loved.

“I love you, John Maxwell. I’m terribly sorry I didn’t realise this sooner.”

With those last words she collapsed next to the man she loved. It just so happened that she grasped his hand before the blackness consumed her.

Many passed to and fro the path where they both died. All that could be seen was a pair of skeletons holding hands and it appeared as though someone had dug the ground around their bodies leaving a natural pedestal that displayed their bodies.


“Revenge. One word, two syllables, three vowels, four consonants and a whole lotta trouble. ” Annabelle Carter began, as she addressed the large crowd in front of her.

She paused, watching as people’s heads bowed to confirm what she had said.

“I mean, everyone likes revenge, right?” She shrugged. After a moment of silence she said, “I guess not. Maybe you, guy with the facial piercings,” she pointed at a guy who was eying another guy who’s hand was draped over a girl’s shoulder, “or you, girl with the Mohawk, or even you, Miranda Rottingham, excuse me, Netherland, have that one person in your life, school or work that you just want to beat to a pulp, right?

“I’m sure that there’s that one person that embarrassed you and you’re just waiting for the opportunity to get them back, right? I’m here to tell you a story. There has been so many titles for this same story, but the title for today would be ‘Friends with Mr. R.’

“Now, if you agree with what I have to say, then cheer. If what I say is utter shit, then stay silent. Your choice,” she said with a shrug.

“Now, I had this best friend. We were like sisters. With just one look, we knew what each other. Her name was Amy. I had a boyfriend back then. His name was Jack. I loved Jack, and Jack loved me. It was simply amazing, with a capital A.
I can’t remember the day, but I had suddenly developed a case of chicken pox, and my parents had isolated me in my bedroom. It was horrid. They treated me like a dog! Literally!”

The crowd burst out into a round of laughter and Annabelle waited until a while before she continued.

You don’t know what it’s like to be isolated in your bedroom and have to stand against the other side of the door, pressed against the door and be threatened to lose whatever freedom you have in your youth. So I complied. I became one with the wall. I can tell you that during that week, the wall and I had some serious bonding time.”

A couple of people laughed, probably imagining what it would look like to “bond” with a wall.

“Anyways, the following week, I woke up and I was perfectly fine. I was so relieved that I could see Jack again. I took the quickest shower in my life- 5 minutes, got dressed (I was that eager) and jumped in my Mercedes Benz, a gift for my 18th birthday from my parents and sped towards Jack’s house.

“I burst through the door, something his parents were accustomed with and ran all the way upstairs. Smiling and excited, I threw open his door, shouted his name and how much I missed him, and then froze. Literally, froze. “

Annabelle demonstrated her actions that night by walking to the furthest end of the stage, away from the audience, running forward, imitating opening a door and skipping forward then freezing in her spot, one foot in firmly on the other ground and the other slightly elevated.

“There she was, my best friend, naked and flat on her back, and Jack was riding her like a horny dog. I was simply shocked. I slammed the door, ran down the stairs, and told Jack’s parents what a horny dog he was and that I hoped that bish of his who were “studying advance biology” passed their test, which apparently left them confused because they knew that Jack didn’t do Biology in school. Apparently, curiosity got the better of them and they ended up walking in on him having sex with Amy, and then his mother slapped him for cheating, saying that she never raised her son to be a player.”

Annabelle chuckled at the memory.

“You’re probably wondering how I know all that after I had left his room, right? His mother had called me later that day apologizing and what had happened after I left.”

Scanning the crowd, Annabelle could see that all eyes were trained on her, listening attentively.

“Apparently I didn’t have to do anything to get back at them. Jack’s mother had blabbed to her neighbor, and in a week’s time, everyone knew what had happened, including that part where his parents were involved. As for Amy, she was deemed as a **** as guys began questioning her. A couple days later, it was discovered that she had a total of 10 boyfriends- 6 local and 4 foreign, and she apparently had sex with each one of them, each day of the week. Marcus was Monday, Trevino was Tuesday, Wade was Wednesday, Thomas was Thursday, Freddie on Friday, and Sage on Saturday. It’s a wonder she never got pregnant.”

Clapping her hands once, Annabelle smirked, “I guess Karma’s a bitch. Thanks everyone for listening to my story, you guys were awesome.”

Annabelle stood nervously, now that her story was over, watching the silent crowd.
Someone coughed, then whistles were heard, and soon enough the whole crowd was cheering. Amidst all the noise, she heard people shouting for another story.

“Oh, I almost forgot, after I left their house, and got back home to mine, I found out that I was heading to Florida for vacation where I met this really hot guy named Enrico. He proposed to me last week. We’re getting married soon, and you’re all invited.”

Annabelle smiled and showed off her ring with a smile, then waved and left the stage.