The Hardships of Tracking Man

N.B. Please don’t be offended. It’s just for fun.


I spy, I spy with my wee little eyes.

A man.

A plan.

A prize.

Oh how blessed are these eyes.

But wait…

He have a gyal.


On to the next one.

Aim. Lock. Fire.


Redman nah good enough.

I’ll slip into a nice lil dress,

Flaunt my stuff,

And fail.

Because I aint meant to track man.

Let them track me.

Come and see…

Goods for free.

Makes my job easier.

Swipe and delete.





Great are You Lord

Great are you Lord

It’s your breath

In our lungs

So we pour out our praise

To You only

– “Great are You Lord” by All Sons and Daughters

Lord who else but you?

Can do the things that you do?

The mighty acts

Revealing facts

Things in our lives that




As patients of this world

We are impatient

We want to feel the Holy Spirit

But our lives have the whole world in it

This life of the earth we don’t know how to quit

And every day we’re being bit-

Infected by the sins of this world

Listening to things that humans have told

Us and believing them as though they are bold

Words that we can’t ignore

And I’m not sure

How much more

God can take.

The Game Of Life

You turn my life around, around,
You turn my life around, around,
He is the way where there is no way;
Jehovah has the final say.

Yes indeed.
John 14:6 says: “He is the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through His son.”
The Son of God; the one who died for our sins.
The one who suffered on the cross for us,
The one who never sinned, but yet bored our sin so that we may be free.
Free, I say.
What is freedom?
Making our own decisions? Doing whatever we want, whenever we want?
Living life our own way?
Remember that in the end
This ‘freedom’ can give you a ‘free’ ride to hell,
That is, if you don’t ‘free’ yourself from this world.
So are you really free then?
1 Peter 2:16 says: “As servants of God, live as free people, yet do not use your freedom as a pretext for evil.”
Galatians 5:13 says: “For you were called to freedom, brothers and sisters; only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for self-indulgence, but through love become slaves to one another.”
Remember that all actions have a reaction;
Each move has several outcomes,
But you will never know which move will produce which outcome.
Life isn’t like a game of chess.
You are not able to predict future moves or outcomes.
There is no undo button like when you’re playing against the computer and find yourself in a checkmate,
But make sure that life doesn’t checkmate you
Because when it does, you will find yourself in a corner
And no one can get you out of that tight squeeze.
God can overcome any checkmate in life.
Exodus 14:13a says: “But Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid, stand firm, and see the deliverance that the Lord will accomplish for you today.” ”
Use your freedom wisely.
Trust in God and you’ll never have to predict moves like a game of chess.
Of course, there is still no undo button.
But trust God to make the right moves
And surely you will checkmate life.

Who has the final say,
Jesus has the final say.

Whose decision will you follow:
Yours or God’s?


You saw me once, maybe you’d see me again
I’ve been here many times, but have you ever really seen me?
I guess not, but fear not, you are not
I hoped would you would be
So now I see
In this reality
The clarity
Of your actions
And my reaction
To your so-called faction
Based in this generation
In this nation
And I will continue to observe
And preserve
Myself from this disease
That has plagues us with ease
And as I end this poem
Know that this is not the end
Of my story, whether fact or fiction
But i will still be a pedestrian

The Decision

One moment you’re there,
And I want to be there with you.
But I can’t help the times where I hate you,
And I can’t help the times where I love you.
The times when you’re just being you.

The moment where I know
It’s never meant to be
And yet I let you go,
To protect you?
No. To protect me.
I’m more fragile than you think.
I’m more fragile than you know.
Do you?
Do you know?
I guess you don’t.
That’s alright.
It makes it easier
To not love you,
Yo stay away from you,
To hate you,
To be everything I’m not.

All because I just want to protect myself.
You understand…

Just To Let You Know

I know you don’t see,
But I want to let you know,
Without letting you know,
That you’re hurting my feelings.
You’re hurting me.

Sure, I make mistakes.
Sure, you’re my best friend,
But you’re not my only friend.

It’s unfair the way you treat me,
And I’m too kind to do anything about it.
And you’re too selfish to care.
It’s like even with what I’m getting
I’m still better off than you.
Which isn’t true.

I’m just letting you know
Without letting you know,
That you should stop.
Your cruelty just breaks me.

Thank God I have reliable people.
People that I can turn to when I’m down.
People that love me.
People that I love.