My God, My God, Why Has Thou Forsaken Me?

God.. why have you forsaken me?

This is my cry?

When times are rough, and I’m all alone,

And all I want to do is hide.

From the world, from everyone.

From all my faults, and mistakes,

From the wrong I’ve done, and the good I didn’t do

I put the blame on you.

Child.. why do you doubt me so?

Are you like Thomas who didn’t believe until he saw?

I will provide for you.

But remember that our times don ‘t always sync.

Your timing may not produce the results that you desire.

But my timing is perfect.

My timing portrays the best result.

It should you what more you could get.

Wait, my servant.

Wait, my child.

Jumping headfirst into things is not the best option.

Listen to me. Await my word.

I am with you always,

Only if you open your eyes.

Only if you still yourself, and open your ears.

If you open your heart to me.

And I will provide all that you need.


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