A Warning

A Warning

All praises be unto the Mighty One,
He who delivers us from evil,
The One who is to be praised eternally.

It is so easy to stray from me,
Because of all your carnal activities-
All the things that are not of me.
You fall so easily to it.
Oh you, young child of little faith…
But yet I will still love you.
Now and forevermore.

You know not the joy I experience
When you who was one lost, is now found-
You who died,
Is alive again.
And you praise my name.

And go back to your wicked ways.

And yet I will still deliver you.
I will take you out of your Lion’s Den and give you life.

All I ask is that you give your life to me.
All I ask is that you surrender.
All I ask is that you stop this meaningless fight.
Your time is drawing near,
When will you give up?
Will you makes the right decision when the time comes?
I shall be waiting.

Just remember that I was with you yesterday.
I am with you today.
And I will be with you till the end of your days.


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