The Trade

This one started with one idea, and ended with another. I hope you guys still like it anyways.

I stood at the entrance,
In front of those two large doors.
There were so many people passing through
But it only felt, like it was just me and you.
I watched you walk towards me,
With that sly grin on your face.
I saw how it would all play out.
I saw what would have happened in the next few minutes.
It was simple.
You would be there, with your cerulean eyes,
And hair the colour of the hottest flame.
Red and magnificent.
Your pale skin,
Your high cheekbones,
All those other features that make you
Look? Seem? Appear to be
A porcelain doll.
So fragile looking.
You would walk towards me.
You would take me in your arms,
And you would place your cherry-red lips upon mine.
And I would be the happiest man in the world.
So as i stood there at the entrance,
And you walked towards me,
I closed my eyes.
Waiting for your arms and your lips..
That never made contact with mine.
Then I opened my eyes,
I turned around,
And there you were…
In his arms.

Everything I ever wanted,
All in the arms of my brother.
I sacrificed everything for him, and this is how he repays me?
Be having the one and only girl that I’ve ever loved.
It’s okay though.
While I was away,
Doing what you asked me to
You were here, running my life
I don’t hate you for it
How can I?
You’re my brother.
It’s okay though.
You can have the girl of my dreams
I’ll have the life of your dreams.
It was your choice anyways,
So it’s something you can’t regret,
Knowing that there was nothing else you could do.
It was your idea.
The trade was your idea.
I never wanted to agree.
But you insisted.
You harassed me.
Pestered me.
Until i gave in.
The one girl I’ve ever loved,
Everything you have, had and will ever own.
After days of you annoying me,
I agreed.
Now what’s yours is forever mine.
What’s mine, will never be yours.
Except her of course.
She was never mine from the beginning.
Did I mention that she’s already engaged?


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