What do you know about me?
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.
My cover may be wood, brick, paper, silk, cotton.
My outward appearance may be dull, hard, weak, appealing.
But it isn’t necessarily who I am inside
To be honest
I don’t even know who i truly am.
Who are you truly?
Beneath the surface,
What kind of person are you?
People tell me what kind of person they think I am.
If it’s something I hear quite often,
and from observations of my own actions,
I can assume some things about myself.
What do people tell you about yourself?
What do you believe?
What kind of cover do you have?
Is your cover embedded with gems?
With diamonds and rhinestones?
With spikes?
Or s it just paper, or some other type of cloth.
Will it catch on fire?
Is it fire-resistant?
You and I won’t know if we don’t try, or take a couple of risks.

What is your shell type?
Rough? Hard? Soft? Smooth? Fragile? Tough?
Is it hard to break?


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