Out There

There was once a sphere,
Blue and green in colour,
It was used to being lonely-
Lonely that sphere was.
Then, along came another smaller sphere,
Grey in colour.
Both spheres became companions,
Friends, even.
Day and night
They would dance around each other.
The grey sphere
Would run around the blue and green sphere,
And the blue and green sphere would spin in circles
Desperately trying to search for his grey friend
Then one day, in the midst of their fun,
They realised that they were being watched.
They had unknowingly gathered a great audience,
Small and shapeless and countless in number.
Both spheres noticed
That more of this shapeless audience kept appearing,
And they both span and span
Not knowing that their original location had changes,
Until they finally spotted it…
The brightest sphere ever.
It was orange too…
But… It never moved.
It was then that they noticed
That they were running and spinning
Around the orange sphere.
They ran and ran hoping to catch up to the orange sphere
But never succeeded.
And that’s how things were
The grey sphere ran around his blue and grey friend,
And they both tried getting to the orange sphere,
All with the watching eyes of their shapeless audience.


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