I feel hallow…
Like the trunk of a tree
that’s been eaten out by various fauna/flora,
Like an empty glass bottle, with it’s sad resonating sound.

I feel broken..
Like that mirror i broke so many years ago,
Like that mirror i got injured from,
Like that mirror that no longer exists in this house…

I feel lonely…
Like I’ve done the worst possible crimes
and the stares of everyone else is just unbearable,
So i keep my head down.

For I have done wrong
And I will be punished for it.

But why punish that which had no way to defend itself?
How can a tree prevent flora and fauna from eating out it’s insides?
How can i fix my problem when the people i need to go to are unavailable?

As a tree is chopped down
so will I fall,
But unlike the tree, which will meet further examination,
I will get back up and stand tall..


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