I still reflect on this poem :3

My World

I am
In this world
Nothing is Something
Something has the potential
To become Everything
And I, therefore
Am Something
Something that seldom loves
That cares a lot
But yet acts mean
Something that…
Is Something
That’s looking for potential
To become Everything
Something that is not well known
Something that tries it’s best
Something that wants to encourage
That think
They are
To try
To become

Everyone is Nothing
And no one is Something
You have to be both
Nothing and Something
To at least someone
You may mean Nothing to me
And I may mean Something to you
Or maybe Everything to you
But maybe
Just maybe
You can become Something
That is, if you are Nothing
And not just Something
You have the potential to become

So to conclude this
You and I can be everything
We were once nothing

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