Going through my History and found this. Man, this brings back memories.

My World

You can only smile when I smile because I’m your best friend
The same applies to you
And no matter how much I worry and question you
You know I love you too
I just want to know that I have a friend
That will never abandon me
Compared to those who just came and went
I really felt lonely
But you’re the first person to come and stay
And I’m really happy for that
Or I may have just continued feeling lonely
And it is truly a fact
You make me so happy most of the time
The rest i don’t know what to do
And when I’m with you I forget my worries
It’s only about me and you
Not anyone else as a matter of fact
Unless it’s really important
That why I can always rely on you
To listen to my problems
You sit patiently and…

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