Have you ever stood… and felt the wind on your face?
Did you turn towards it? Or did you not move?
That feeling, of air… of breeze, flowing over your skin…
Cooling you.
Something you can’t see… or smell,
Or even hear…
But we can see and hear it’s effects…
Like the swaying rustling of the trees and its leaves.

Do you ever feel that, the wind, in all its gentleness,
Can just sweep you off your feet
And blow you around like a sheet of paper?

Have you ever wondered how it felt to be a sheet of paper?
Forced to succumb to the will of the wind.
What if we are all sheets of paper-
Unique just like snowflakes.
Instead of simply falling like snowflakes do,
We would be flying high and low,
Landing in numerous places:
On rooftops, in garbage dumps, somewhere else.

But we’re not sheets of paper.
We’re just human.
We enjoy how the wind makes us feel on a hot summer day.
Blowing against our face
Messing up our hair


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