Thank You

A God to many, a saviour to some,
A friend to me, someone to lean on,
My rock intact, my standing ground,
My only hope, my hope alone.

You found your place within the strings of my heart
And created another one: your special path,
Blood-red in colour, filled with life-
That life-giving Oxygen, without a price.

So freely given, and given so freely-
My trust to you, my deepest secrets,
Which automatically makes you unique,
Which automatically makes you special,
Which makes you that One In A Million,
To which none can compare.

So Thank You.
For what you’ve done,
For what you’re doing,
For what you’re going to do.

May your life be blessed,
May your life be fulfilling,
May you persevere in life,
And with that, I’ll be gone.
Thank You.


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