Why’d you have to runaway?
Even though I had nothing to do with the situation…
I still want to chase after you,
Even though you’re long gone.
I want to hug you,
Even if it brings a little comfort to you, or even none at all,
To ease your sorrows
Even though we are generations apart.
I want to sit with you,
Even if it would muddy the white skirt I’m wearing.
But I’m torn…
In half
Because of you.
I’m stuck between my duty to the dozens of people here,
And you:
Just one person,
I want to run to you,
To help you,


3 thoughts on “Runaway

    1. There’s nothing else to write. I simply couldn’t. While I was writing this, I had all the words in my head, and they flowed out through my hands, and when i got there, my mind went blank, so I left it as that

      But thanks, and I promise more poems in the days to come

      1. I like that you left it there. I think it puts across what you felt when you wrote it. As though you were coming to a conclusion, “but” holding hope for another possibility.

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