Big White Room

“Justin! It’s so… soft, comfortable, almost like a plushie… but I can’t touch it. Why can’t I? Oh… they tied me up; said I was crazy. I’m not crazy… right? They made me put on this cute jacket backwards. It’s hot pink, with black bunnies. Then they told me to close my eyes and fold my arms. They said that we were going to play a game but they had to tie something on me. Well… I was angry with them because they called me crazy, but then I forgot when they said that we are going to play a game. Next thing you knew, my arms were hurting. They tied it, along with my jacket to my back. Then they said that we were going to play a game; Hide and Seek. They said I was it. They told me to count to twenty. And I did. When I opened my eyes, they were gone. Justin! They left me alone!”

She burst into tears.

“They tricked me! Abandoned me! They left me alone here… all bored. It’s a good thing I have you, Justin.”

She tried to get up but couldn’t.

“Justin, help me! Please!”

She begged and begged but Justin couldn’t do anything. After all, he was a figure of her imagination.

Meet Justin, Maria’s imaginary friend. His appearance is undefined.

Meet Maria, the ‘crazy’ girl who’s had an imaginary friend since the age of five. They’ve (Maria and Justin) been ‘best friends’ for 20 years and counting… which would mean that Maria is 25 years old.

As a kid, Maria’s parents never paid much attention to her. That’s where Justin came from. Justin was the only person who ‘listened’ to her when she broke her arm at the age of five, when she had her first real best friend, her first crush, her first boyfriend, her first break up, her first everything. All these things her parents never knew about… until that day she blew up at her parents.

And ended up where she was now.

Such an unfortunate event to happen to dear Maria.

“Justin! Help me. Don’t tell me you’re on their side!” Maria shouted.

Then, there was silence… for about five minutes…

“You traitor! I thought you said you would always be there for me?”

A lie, because Justin had never said a word to her; it was all one-sided conversations.

Day and night, for a week, Maria would talk and talk and talk. And the doctors and specialists would just watch her. She refused to eat after the second week.

No matter what was done, they couldn’t get Maria to eat at all. This went on for about three days before they put her on fluids and tied her down to a bed, of course knocking her out first. After a couple days they took her off from the fluids. This cycle went on for a couple months where a couple days she would be on the fluids and the other days off until that one day.

Maria waited for them to take her off the fluids, and for the monthly injection. They usually did the injections when everyone was asleep. After months of observation, Maria knew exactly when they would come to give her the injection. In preparation for that night, Maria made sure to take a nap earlier in the day, telling the doctors that she felt exhausted.

The time of the injection was to take place at midnight, and her previous nap ensured that she remained awake. Unfortunately, the specialists found it suspicious that she’d want to sleep during the day when she’d never done it before, so they made sure to send backup. Maria thought that her plan was fool proof, but she was proven wrong when the bulky security guard barged into the room at the first sign of struggle.

Their attempts were soon becoming futile. One minute the nurse was giving Maria her injection. The next second Maria rolled off the bed and onto the floor, effectively pushing in the syringe further. To make things worse, she tried to break her fall, which only succeeded in somewhat forcing a hole through her elbow and causing the syringe to pierce her chest; more specifically, her heart.

Attempts were made to get a hold of any family members but they proved useless. There was nothing else to be done. Meanwhile, Maria’s body was wrapped and sent to the morgue. A quick burial would take place.

The sad things about it all, is that Maria had no friends. She had no one to whom she was close to. Therefore, Maria’s death had no impact on anyone at all. She was alone from young, and will forever be alone.


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