It’s Alright

When something happens, they say;
“It’s Alright”,
If we get hurt, they say;
“It’s Alright”,
It isn’t always alright, you know.
It’s not alright: when we’re in pain,
When we’re grieving, when we’re troubled.
Instead you fool us with your ‘sweet talking’ and your lies,
And that “Alright” we were wishing for
Becomes a “Horrible” we don’t want.
Instead, why don’t you say;
“It’s going to be alright”,
“It’ll be better”,
At least we won’t hurt in the end when it turns out to be not alright,
At least you tried to comfort me,
Nevertheless in the wrong way,
By bringing me hope,
Then crushing is like Santa’s Clause’s sparking globe:
All the snow scattered,
All my hope shattered.
The glass broken into shards,
My strength diminshed.
And you’re okay right?
I’m glad you are.
I’m glad you’re not troubles as I am.
I wish you future happiness,
Not future sadness.
So just remember,
Even if people tell you that “It’s Alright”,
Know in your heart, that it’s not just alright,
But it’s gonna be alright.


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