Man in the Mirror

N.B When I say “man” I mean both genders

We all have a certain way we present ourselves;
In school, at work, at play, in private
And even in public.
If there was one person who didn’t know you at all and saw you in the above named places,
Wouldn’t they think that you’re bipolar?
Or have split personalities?
And that’s how you present yourself.
Like a mango tree,
One tree,
Many mangoes that vary
In taste, shape, size,
That’s how you are.
Why can’t you be yourself?
When you stand in that vanity mirror,
And you look at yourself,
What do you see?
One person.
When you smile?
One smile.
When you laugh?
One laugh.
So why can’t there be one you?
One personality?
Why can’t you accept the fact that you’re unique?
That there’s only ONE YOU.
And yet you want someone else’s life.
Be yourself.
Claim your uniqueness,
Because when you stand in front of that reflecting glass,
And you look at yourself,
You’d see,
There’s only one Man in the Mirror.


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