Friends Forever

Why do they choose me?
To pick on? To like?
Sometimes even to start a fight?

There’s a girl right next to me
She looks better than I do
Way better
But still you choose me

They all say I have a ‘sexy’ voice
I’d rather choose the guy that says
That my voice is ‘cute’ or even ‘nice’
But no, they choose ‘sexy’ as that I would like it

I don’t really like complements
You think I’m nice or good-looking
Keep it to yourself, or leave me alone
I’s simple as that

I’d really rather us being friends
But they don’t like that
They want to be more than friends
They do, I don’t

So if you notice that I don’t like you at first
And don’t want to be friends
Stop talking to me now
So it won’t hurt even more when our friendship ends

But if you like me
And is willing to be friends
I’ll gladly accept that
We’ll be friends forever.


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