Fake Truths

Love me, they said, and I wouldn’t have to worry anymore
What am I now?
Trust me, they said, and I’ll provide for you
Where am I now?
I’m suffering, because I believed you.
Because I fell into your trap,
Carefully planned out because I wasn’t your only victim,
I thought that because of the fact that I was new, that people were being nice to me
I was wrong,
I fell right into your trap that moment I smiled back at you
You led me on
Going slow, so that when that day came, I’d give you what you wanted
And I blindly did so
I gave you all I had
I have nothing now
I’m broken
A shell
What I used to be
Is no longer me
All because of you
And your lies
And misleading me
Now even your friends knew what you were up to
They believed that you were truly in love with me
Until that day I walked into school,
An aura of depression around me
They knew something was wrong
I wouldn’t even say a word, unless asked by a teacher
I’d give my answer then fall into silence once more
News came
You died
And I sighed
Till she came around
And slapped me
And boy, was I angry
Suddenly, colour came back to my face
And all the anger from your betrayal came to the surface
And I punched her
In the face
Her nose broke
Blood began squirting out
And I wasn’t sorry at all.
I went to the principal’s office
Explained my situation
And he let me go
Without punishment
He knew I wouldn’t do anyone harm without reason
So I went home,
Driving blindly,
Oblivious of the car speeding down the road on my lane
I waited until the last moment to swerve and I had enough skill to return my car to it’s rightful position
The other driver didn’t
All I heard was the sound of crushing metal and with one last sight
I sped off into the night
Of to solace


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