Day 3

The sad thing about it all
Is that my mother doesn’t know
Much about my personal life
Unless I tell her
To her, I’m the quiet, smart daughter
Whom she trusts
But the truth it
There’s so much turmoil in my life
She doesn’t know about my depression
My emotionally unstable state
The fact that it’s not in my nature to be bossed at
(I.e. I don’t like people trying to rule my life)
But she doesn’t overstep that boundary when it comes to my social life
I’m okay with that
I get to make my own decisions
I have that freedom
But I don’t abuse it
So what if I don’t go to parties?
What if I don’t like to dance?
What if I’m only fun when I know you like a best friend
It’s who I am
Don’t try to change me
But I guess things happen for a reason.
That’s life for you.


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