Once Upon A Time

To that person I used to care about,

I remember that day
The day I asked you to never abandon me
And what did you say?
You said “Never”; That’s not what I see
You’re hardly there,
Even for a few seconds
And I’m lost over here
Still stuck in the moment
I understand you’re a busy person
I’m a busy person too
But yet I can find time to chat
Why can’t you?
But it’s fine, I think
I (have) can find people worth more’
People to put my trust and brotherly love in
And who’s considerably pire
And truthful and kind
And honestly cares for me
As much as I do them
They pick a minute out of their daily lives
Just to tell me “Hi”
Something which you’ve never done
And probably will never do
But I won’t mull over it anymore
I’m better than that
Even though you’d never see this
I’ll say thank you
For being suck an ass
And showing me that I was better off without you anyways
Instead of hoping
For nothing
Or everything
(Like one of my previous poems stated)
You may mean something to me
And I nothing to you
Or the other way around
But anyways
Thank You.


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