That Crazy Girl

That crazy girl always complaining,
Crazy hair no explaining,
She wants to cry but just not there,
Instead she laughs whenever we’re near.

To hide her sadness and her pain,
She smiles and laughs, all to her gain,
All so she won’t be interrogated,
And when she is doomed to be fated.

So she acts as though nothing in wrong,
And cries her pain when everyone is gone,
Her tears spill over and down her cheeks,
Because she’s been holding it in for weeks.

That unbearable pain, forced to be bearable,
Like an eight year old when there’s no cable,
Bawling out loud in her little room,
Feeling sad like an abandoned groom.

Left on the altar by the love of his life,
By the only person he wanted as his wife,
And your just there, sitting and crying,
All because your heart is broken. Now you’re dying.

Dying inside because you’re ignored by the one,
The one with whom you’d have had a son,
And both of you would’ve lived together,
And like a fairy tale, live happily ever after.


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