“Revenge. One word, two syllables, three vowels, four consonants and a whole lotta trouble. ” Annabelle Carter began, as she addressed the large crowd in front of her.

She paused, watching as people’s heads bowed to confirm what she had said.

“I mean, everyone likes revenge, right?” She shrugged. After a moment of silence she said, “I guess not. Maybe you, guy with the facial piercings,” she pointed at a guy who was eying another guy who’s hand was draped over a girl’s shoulder, “or you, girl with the Mohawk, or even you, Miranda Rottingham, excuse me, Netherland, have that one person in your life, school or work that you just want to beat to a pulp, right?

“I’m sure that there’s that one person that embarrassed you and you’re just waiting for the opportunity to get them back, right? I’m here to tell you a story. There has been so many titles for this same story, but the title for today would be ‘Friends with Mr. R.’

“Now, if you agree with what I have to say, then cheer. If what I say is utter shit, then stay silent. Your choice,” she said with a shrug.

“Now, I had this best friend. We were like sisters. With just one look, we knew what each other. Her name was Amy. I had a boyfriend back then. His name was Jack. I loved Jack, and Jack loved me. It was simply amazing, with a capital A.
I can’t remember the day, but I had suddenly developed a case of chicken pox, and my parents had isolated me in my bedroom. It was horrid. They treated me like a dog! Literally!”

The crowd burst out into a round of laughter and Annabelle waited until a while before she continued.

You don’t know what it’s like to be isolated in your bedroom and have to stand against the other side of the door, pressed against the door and be threatened to lose whatever freedom you have in your youth. So I complied. I became one with the wall. I can tell you that during that week, the wall and I had some serious bonding time.”

A couple of people laughed, probably imagining what it would look like to “bond” with a wall.

“Anyways, the following week, I woke up and I was perfectly fine. I was so relieved that I could see Jack again. I took the quickest shower in my life- 5 minutes, got dressed (I was that eager) and jumped in my Mercedes Benz, a gift for my 18th birthday from my parents and sped towards Jack’s house.

“I burst through the door, something his parents were accustomed with and ran all the way upstairs. Smiling and excited, I threw open his door, shouted his name and how much I missed him, and then froze. Literally, froze. “

Annabelle demonstrated her actions that night by walking to the furthest end of the stage, away from the audience, running forward, imitating opening a door and skipping forward then freezing in her spot, one foot in firmly on the other ground and the other slightly elevated.

“There she was, my best friend, naked and flat on her back, and Jack was riding her like a horny dog. I was simply shocked. I slammed the door, ran down the stairs, and told Jack’s parents what a horny dog he was and that I hoped that bish of his who were “studying advance biology” passed their test, which apparently left them confused because they knew that Jack didn’t do Biology in school. Apparently, curiosity got the better of them and they ended up walking in on him having sex with Amy, and then his mother slapped him for cheating, saying that she never raised her son to be a player.”

Annabelle chuckled at the memory.

“You’re probably wondering how I know all that after I had left his room, right? His mother had called me later that day apologizing and what had happened after I left.”

Scanning the crowd, Annabelle could see that all eyes were trained on her, listening attentively.

“Apparently I didn’t have to do anything to get back at them. Jack’s mother had blabbed to her neighbor, and in a week’s time, everyone knew what had happened, including that part where his parents were involved. As for Amy, she was deemed as a **** as guys began questioning her. A couple days later, it was discovered that she had a total of 10 boyfriends- 6 local and 4 foreign, and she apparently had sex with each one of them, each day of the week. Marcus was Monday, Trevino was Tuesday, Wade was Wednesday, Thomas was Thursday, Freddie on Friday, and Sage on Saturday. It’s a wonder she never got pregnant.”

Clapping her hands once, Annabelle smirked, “I guess Karma’s a bitch. Thanks everyone for listening to my story, you guys were awesome.”

Annabelle stood nervously, now that her story was over, watching the silent crowd.
Someone coughed, then whistles were heard, and soon enough the whole crowd was cheering. Amidst all the noise, she heard people shouting for another story.

“Oh, I almost forgot, after I left their house, and got back home to mine, I found out that I was heading to Florida for vacation where I met this really hot guy named Enrico. He proposed to me last week. We’re getting married soon, and you’re all invited.”

Annabelle smiled and showed off her ring with a smile, then waved and left the stage.


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