Mixed Emotions

Written 2 years ago.



Wow, I don’t know where this came from, but I’ll post either way.

A poem made entirely of song lyrics.


I go insane, crazy sometimes

Trying to keep you from losing your mind

Lightning don’t strike the same place twice

When you and I say goodbye, I felt the angels cry.

We’re gonna fight the world, we’re gonna fight our fears

The only thing I’ve got is a fist full of tears

And it kills me, to know how much I love you

So much I wanna…

And it feels like joy, it feels like pain

It feels like sunshine, it feels like rain

I’m holding off the ground your rope got me 10ft off the ground

I’m hearing what you’re saying but I just can’t make a sound

In my head I see you all over me

In my head you might fulfill my destiny

There are parts of the list, things that I miss

Things like your funny little laugh, or the way we kiss

I’m holding on your rope, got me 10ft off the ground




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