What I Believe

I hear voices
I hear the engine
I see trees
I see houses
Houses once standing straight
Now broken and uninhabited
A place where a family once thrived
Now gone
Somewhere else apparently

It’s loud
But I can bear it
For now
As long as my tolerance lasts
Before I trip
And fall
Into anger

Yet, I grieve
And love and enjoy
The life I live
I believe
That this is the only live I’ve got
And I’ve got to live it to the fullest
Remembering all the good memories
And trying to forget the bad stuff
But as least remembering some of the bad things
Only for us to learn from them

I believe that everyone has a choice
A choice to do whatever they want
With their lives
If they want to be gay
Let them be gay
If they have they have their own beliefs
Let them be
It’s their choice
Don’t discriminate against them
Let them live their life as they want to
You live your life as you want to
Just leave them out of it

Just live your own life
Doing things to the best of your abilities
Don’t go to people to ask them what you should do with your life
Think about the choices you (will) have to make
And think about how those choices will affect your future
And then make (those) your choice(s)
Love your life as you live it
And live your life to the fullest
Savoring the good times
And remembering them when you get older

So that you can share the good times with your children
And see the joyful looks on their faces
When you tell them
Both happy and joyful
Stories of your life
And in that moment when you die
You’ll know
That you were able to do things you enjoyed the most.
That you lived YOUR life to the FULLEST


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