Part 1: Expect the Unexpected

She berates him
He’s been doing the same thing for the past couple weeks
But yet repeats himself
She repeats herself
They both repeat themselves
And the odd one out watches from afar
Every. Single. Time.
The one who watches from afar can’t do a thing.
The one who watches from is just a pawn in this game of chess.
She is the king.
He is the bishop.
But yet it seems that he wants the roles to be reversed.
Or worse, changed.
He wants to be the king.
And make everyone else pawns.
But yet he acts like a child.
Wants to be king, but be supported like a kid.
Even though he’s capable of the latter.
Isn’t it a sight when the one who watches from afar is the one earning more in life that the “want to be” king?
Something has got to be wrong.
She steps out. Takes action.
Something she hasn’t been doing often.
I guess the king is going down.
The one who watches from afar has no say in the matter. They never did.
The king has left.
The bishop is livid.
The pawn is silent.
This one sided game of chess will never end.
You imagine what would happen..
It’s quite easy for the human mind to picture the worst case scenarios.
We always do it.
Hours has passed.
The bishop slept through her anger.
The pawn slept fine.
But yet worried for the future.
The king didn’t sleep.
He was having the time of his life.
There was something different about this time.
The pawn knew it.
The pawn could feel it.
The pawn was right.

Part 2: Consequences, Conclusion and Farewell

Dozens gather in the place of the dead.
Living amongst dead.
Or is it the other way around?
The dead amongst the living?
Many say the typical phrase,
“He was a good boy. He never did wrong.”
All you see is the outside.
Like that thing from Naruto.
Its “skin” was made of oil.
And its body consisted of water.
The oil represented what people saw him as.
And the water to represented what he truly was.
People failed to see through that layer of oil
Their loss.
Things are never as they seem.
They say expect the unexpected.
The king was a perfect example of that saying.
He expected everything to be the same.
The same it was all the past times he left.
It just so seemed that the vehicle he was in had some issues.
With a particularly important part of the vehicle.
Starts with B.
Rakes up grass,
Aches the tires,
Kills at times,
Excited sometimes, and a
Source of safety if it works.
The king had nothing to say.
He couldn’t anymore.
The bishop couldn’t stop crying.
After all, their bond was much stronger than that of the king and pawn.
When it came the pawns turn, there wasn’t much to say.
Or was there?
“The last word I heard from the king was ‘I’m coming back.’
Like a broken record.
Repetition between the king and bishop
I’m coming back.
I’m coming back.
Guess what?
He never came back.
He failed to realize what was good for him.
And what was not.
That’s how he failed in life. ”
The pawn paused so everyone could take in what had been said.
“Three more things are all I have left so say.”
“Once a mistake. Twice a habit.”
Two, One she thought of on the spot.
“If there are repetitions in your life. It’s suggested that you straighten them out. You don’t want to be living in a circle all the time. Create your own shape. Your own image. No one will ever make a shape as unique as yours. No one can have your life. Your shape is your life. Color it in well. But remember. It’s never going to be completed until you die.
Make sure the bright colors outshine the dark ones.
Don’t let people bring you down. Most importantly. Don’t just be a pawn. Be a Ping. You’re a pawn and yet a king. Someone who is smart and knows how to rule but yet humble.”
“Expect the Unexpected”
After saying the last word, the pawn walked off and left.

Part 3: The King’s Point of View

beep beep
The King’s phone went off.
It was a message.
“We’re going for a test drive before we head to a party. Wanna come?”
The King replies. “B dere in 5”
Sneaky King.
That Pawn is sleeping.
All the King has to deal with is is the Bishop.
The Bishop can be such a thorn in my ass sometimes.
The Bishop can’t stop the King.
The King has more authority than the Bishop.
(That’s what the King thinks)
Little did the King know that the Pawn was awake the whole time.
The King left…
Without any concern for the Bishop,
who in reality, had more authority than the King had.
The king walks out his house.
Takes a right to head towards the gate.
Takes a left, walks some distance and jumps into the waiting car.
Introductions are made.
Greetings are made.
They leave.
Apparently the route of the test drive was the directions to the party.
They’re almost there.
The brakes don’t work.
The Brake Pedal is stomped on.
It breaks off.
The gas pedal is released.
It’s stuck.
That poor metal light pole.
It’s dented.
In the shape of a car.
But yet still works.
Sadly, the only injured is
The King.
Who refused to put on his seat belt, even though he was sitting in the passenger seat.
The King Flew through the window.
Who’s sorry now.
The King is.
Sorry he didn’t listen to the bishop.
Sorry he didn’t heed the warnings.
Sorry he “forgot” to put on his seat belt.
It’s too late anyways.
He gone.
The End.


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