One Last Question

Things have changed…
So, so much
So much that I don’t even know what to say
My friends are now ex-friends
And my best friends are not acquaintances
And what bothers me is
That I don’t really care anymore
Although I did…once
Things have suddenly changed
Face it
You never really did care about me
I bet you figured that
I was this stupid kid, looking for attention
And yeah, I got it
But then I had to leave
It wasn’t my fault
I couldn’t do anything
So you went ahead and replaced me
Found new friends, new buddies
When I no longer had any friends anymore
Those that were friends had already gone their own way
Except a few
To whom I will say, Thank You
Thank you for being my friend
Even at the end
You comforted me when I was doubtful
When I would over-react about how much I missed the company of my friends
When I figured…
We weren’t even friend in the first place
You just wanted to keep up appearance
So you kept your appearance
While I continued to lose mine
So much that I changed from a dedicated member
To one who didn’t even care anymore

Just answer me this one simple question
To relieve me from my doubts
Should I stay, or should I go?

I will leave you alone
Only if that’s what you truly want
Just say so
And I’ll go
Without another word…


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