This earth is nothing but a circle
Made of something brown called soil
Filled with things made of sticks called bones
Layered with something called flesh
Installed with something called organs
Lungs, hearts, etcetera, etcetera
And a mouth that they use to say rude to others
…that MOST use to say rude things to others
That very few use to say nice things

Flesh-layered walking sticks (bones)
That destroys the circle we live on
Our circle which was once lovely
But now just painful to witness
With what they are doing now
In this modern day
This circle that could have been way better
But it seems tha people don’t care
Until things become very bed
They never care
That this kind of people they are
They only care about themselves
Selfish bags of bones
Someone should teach them
Show them
Make them experience the consequences
Of their actions
They need to put themselves in other people’ shoes
So they can know the feeling of how other people feel when you all
Attack us
Disrespect us
Hurt us
Abandon us
Treat us like nothing; like slaves

I’m sure that
If our lives were switched
You’d know all thing things I’d have to go though
Experience them rather
Maybe it would make you realize that your life may be miserable
But that doesn’t mean that you have to pour out your emotions
Of hatred and whatsoever
On someone else
Because you never know if the other person that it worse than you
So think before you speak
And before you act
That would make thing so much better.


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