My Opinion

You! Yes, you!
I know you’re looking at this.
I know you’re reading this.
Don’t stop!
You’ve already started anyways…
Finish what you started.
And I’ll finish what I haven’t started yet.

What I’m writing is nothing,
But nothing is always something,
Which implies that it’s everything.
Everything I’m feeling,
Wanting to be,
And you…
You’re you.
No one else.
So don’t try to become someone else.
No need for the implants,
And the makeup,
And the other stuff.
In my opinion,
The NATURAL way IS the BEST way.
Also in my opinion,
The people that tell you that you’re ugly,
Are most likely the ones that are jealous of your appearance.
So don’t try changing yourself
Follow my opinion,
And be natural,
And not artificial.


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