I love it when you love me
I hate it when you scold me
But no matter what happens between us*
We ride It out through and through

The first few moments after I met you
We immediately *clicked*
Became best of friend then grew apart
Now we’re together and whole again

At first we had our smiles and laughs*
But then we grew apart
Our relationship as being friends
Quickly broke in half

You… You always made me laugh
With the nicknames you called me
Never will I forget our first encounter
Forever etched in my heart

I remember when I called you “tin”
But you never seemed to mind*
Now, you have your life and I have mine
And we both just in different spaces of time

Something about you just intrigued me
Even though we weren’t close
Was it because you were so kind
Or found a way to make me laugh

I miss you so much…
But you’re rarely here
I know how badly you want to come
But sadly, your life is up there

I fell in love with your kindness
I spilled my guts to you*
And you’d listen to every word
And respond to me too

I never really knew you well*
I guess I never will
I don’t even know what else to say
I guess this will be it

I wish I could be there for you
But sadly I can’t and am not
Your all alone, in my point if view
I wish I could be there for you

God, you were so awesome
But now were just friends
Not even that- acquaintances
I don’t think that what we had could come back

Oh you were always lots of fun
But then you upped and vanished
No one knows where you are*
I guess that this is what you want

*My best friend, so loyal
Watched my while I cried
Tried *comforting me in my depression
Proved to be my true friend

Unlike (above), you’re just a *****
An annoying hypocrite
I don’t even want to be near you
Because I may trip and slap you

Awesome person
I boast as the best
Fun unlike the other grumpy ones
If you leave, you’d be dearly missed

And to everyone else*
I don’t or will soon know
I wish you joy in your own lives
TRUE friends with you as you grow.*


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