Me and You

Sometimes I wonder
Why I talk to you,
But I guess it’s who you are.
They way you talk,
The way you smile,
I just can’t get you off my mind,
But it’s not your fault,
You’re just you.

Whenever I’m down,
You always know,
And you bring me up,
With your bright glow.

Its like you’re you
And me as well,
Since you always know;
You can always tell,
By the smile I sport,
Or the words I don’t speak,
Or when I bite my nails,
Or even my cheek.
You always know,
It’s who you are,
And you’re just being you.

Whenever I’m down
You pick me up,
You find that cold spot in me
And warm it right up.

So what if you’re my best friend?
Or even my diary too?
All you have to do is ask.
And I‘ll spill the beans,
Maybe even tear a few seams,
But you hear me out.
It’s those qualities that I love so much,
Just you being you.

And no matter what,
We both go through,
If it’s thick or thin,
It’s still me and you.


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