I feel like I’ve lost my friends.
One by one they disappear…
No longer becoming dear to me.
But, what can I say?
If they didn’t like my friendship,
Then I can’t say otherwise.
It’s their life,
Not mine,
If they don’t want to be friends again,
I won’t say otherwise either.
I just hope that I’ll be okay,
Like I was before I met them,
But I know it’s never gonna be that way.
I’m still gonna hurt.
Hurt because I loved them.
Because they were a part of me-
Of my life,
Now gone,
Ripped away.
My therapy is replacement.
Even though I know
I’ll never find a friend
That was as unique as they were,
Made me smile as they did.
Life makes unexpected turns.
Carries you in one direction,
Then punches you in the gut
And tells you,
“Nope, wrong direction,”
And you turn around, and head elsewhere.
So that’s what I’ll do.
Make a turn.
Hopefully I won’t get punched in the gut,
But that’s inevitable, I’m sure.
I will always fall,
Someone will always pick me up,
And I’ll always get punched in the gut,
And have to walk away,
Licking my wounds.


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