Life and Death: Your Choice

Sometimes I wonder if you (are) were really there for me.
You were there all my life… until (you) they had to choose.
Will you choose the outgoing radiance, who’s (willing) giving in everything it does.
Or, will you choose the black, mysterious, but somewhat comforting too?
Anyways, I already know the answer to that…. You (love) choose
(That) radiance…
(Which) Who could never compare to me.
After all, all I (will be) am is (was) ice.
Black ice.
Forever cold.
Unmoving .
And that bright (?)radiance can’t help but be drawn (bound) to you because of that magnetic pull.
That pull towards you,
Towards that gray sphere
When that happens is when I truly die
Which will be sooner than you think.(?)
And then you’ll regret choosing me,
Because you went for the radiance,
And killed me in the process.

I’m sure you would have noticed the bold, italics and underline, right? To understand it, first you read the words in italics and underline, and then insert imaginary “or” and then read the words in bold.


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