Just Set Me Free

I want to talk to you,

You’re never there,

I just want to say hello,

But you ignore me,

What should I do then?

What happened to us?

Once upon a time,

A long, long time ago,

We were so close,

So close that no one knew-

Not even us-

Where one of us ended and the other began

Yeah… we were that close.

Not anymore…

Now… we’re so far away

That watching each other

Would be like watching a blurred figure.

I don’t know what you want…

But what I want

Is to be like how it was in the past,

Not just you and me,

But everyone else as well.

Because I don’t like what’s going on now,

And I’m tempted to let what we had go,

Throw it away; give it all up,

Even though it would hurt me deeply in the near future,

So I’m asking…

Please help me…

Don’t make me do this on my own,

I can’t do things by myself,

I need someone else.

Let me know

Whether you want this

To last or not,

Just tell me.

If I cry,

I cry.

If I get angry… well,

I just get angry.

And if I care,

Then I care.

Tell me your answer,

And say it now,

There’s no

Later… no

‘In five minutes’… no

In a while… and no



This won’t work out if this is how things are going to be.

What’s your answer?

Tell me now.

Set me free…

Set me free from this burden I hold,

From trying to keep this relationship up and running.

Just tell me.

Set me free,

Leave me be,

All so I can become happy,

Or sad as the case may be.

But it would be better if,

I knew what to do now,

Rather than carrying this pain,

Throughout the incoming years,

The pain growing larger, day by day.

So just tell me what you want,

Tell me please…

And just set me free.


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