I’m happy yet sad
Depressed yet mad
And want to disappear so badly
But the people I know
And the people I love
Are the ones that prevent me from doing what I want
Which is the wrong thing anyways
And definitely not what you are thinking
I mean like locking myself in my room
And eating only to keep myself alive
But I don’t do that…
I’m active and social and loving it
Although I still get depressed sometimes
And all in all
I never wish myself to die
Which is why I love my friends
Because they are always there for me
Through thick and thin
And hot and cold
And are obviously the best friends
In the whole wide world
They’re there for me
And I for them
It’s like were a family
But with no blood relation
But blood doesn’t matter
It’s the thought that counts
And the things they do for you
That makes you want to bounce
Up and down till you tire yourself
I think I went overboard there
And I don’t really care
Because I know I’m exaggerating
How much I love my friends
Even though they sometimes can be
A pain in the neck
But they mean a lot to me
And that’s that
And just to let you know
Everything I just said was 100% a fact.


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