Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do you think you are?
You wanted me,
You got me.
You had me,
You used me.
You left me,
And threw me away.
Now you want me back.
You say that you’re sorry.
You grovel in front of me.
You send letters for me.
But what’s done is done.
And this is what I believe-
I believe that it’s too late.
Too late to apologize,
And too late to go back.
The past cannot be erased,
It can be forgotten-
But never erased.
So don’t try to get me back.
I have this broken heart,
But being with you again isn’t going to fix it back.
You can keep all that I gave you.
Maybe It’ll remind you of the hurt you’ve caused to me.
Maybe it’ll make you feel the guilt of what you’ve done to me.
But just know-
Know who you are,
Know that you can’t get me back.
So before you come to me
With some kind of plan
To get me back,
Ask yourself…
Who do I think I am?
When you get your answer, come to me,
But your only answer will be…
Who do you think you are?

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