Just Know

I feel sorrow- sorrow is what I feel,
This emotion- this pain- is not easy to heal,
It felt as though a hole was formed in my heart,
A hole that would be very difficult to fill back,
Because of you- of what you did,
To hide the truth from me, you hid,
Hiding thousands of miles away,
My heart crumbling a little more each day,
How could you? Look at what you’ve done to me,
I’ve become a different person than I used to be,
Before I was happy- happy all the time,
Now I live a life that doesn’t feel like mine,
Even though I know deep down that this is true,
This wasn’t the life that I wanted to go through,
And I’m blaming you for doing this to me,
When you knew that this would happen to me,
Picked up yourself and left- leaving me alone,
To suffer this pain of loneliness at home,
So if I die, just know that you were the reason why,
So you can feel the guilt of what you did to me for the rest of your life.

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