What is love?
You tell me.
Everyone says those 3 words.
I love you.
Do they really mean it?
Do they say it for fun?
Also… they say that they love you with all their heart.
That’s not true though,
If they love you with their heart… well…
They’re just saying that they love you with all their blood and bones and whatever.
Isn’t that the function of the heart?
The reason you… as a matter of fact, everyone has a heart is to pump blood throughout your body, right?
Go ask your Science teacher this…
Can you love someone with all your heart?
See what they say.
Then come back and tell me what they say.
I asked my teacher already.
You wanna know what she said?
She said that it’s all in you Mind.
Yup, your mind.
Thats where your thoughts are.
Am I right? or not?
Because i know I’m right
Go Google it.
Your mind holds everything.
Emotions, thoughts, feelings, everything.
So answer this question for me.
Is love real?
Or is it something made up by the human mind?


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