The Sun and the Girl That Tried to Change the World

Look at him,

Look at her,

A light shining dim,

Protected by fur,

Up every day,

Eager in the morning,

Never gets to play,

With her it’s never boring,

Down every night,

She’s sleeping in her bed,

And always out of sight,

A pillow under head,

Wishes to be like her,

Wants to be up there,

Or maybe a cat that purrs.

High up in the air.

Both knowing that it’s impossible,
To change who they are,
But can change their surroundings,
Whether near or far.

“I will stop shining-
Revealing my beauty,
This I will do
And will observe what I see.”

“I will be super girl,
Protecting those is danger,
I will save them all,
Even when in anger.”

So the sun stopped shining,
The earth became cold,
The girl continues her quest,
To remove danger from the world.

Ignorant of her body temperature dropping,
The girl continued on,
Until her body couldn’t take no more,
And she collapsed on a nearby lawn.

The sun was bored of doing nothing,
He wanted to shine so bad,
So he shined brighter, much brighter than before,
And thought that he was going mad,

The girl was lucky
That sunlight came back,
And she regained her body temperature
Just like that.

He made a vow to himself,
To refuse to shine no more,
And went on doing his daily business,
Shining evermore.

She gave up her job-
It was too advanced for her age,
And resorted to other games,
That was on her same page.

Thoughts like this never occurred again,
With the sun and the girl,
And here ends my mini-story,
On how they tried to change the world.


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