One In A Million

Everywhere you go, I look at you,
I’m always seeing you in my head and my dreams too,
No matter where I am, you’re always in sight,
You’re that one in a million- just shining so bright.

But that one day, things became unstable,
All of a sudden I just walked into a table,
I became the class clown, making everyone laugh,
I made everyone laugh in every single class.

I got into trouble every class, every day,
They thought it was some kind of planned play,
None of them noticed the pain I had inside,
It was you that made it difficult for my pain to hide.

Because every time I saw you, the pain increased more,
Until it exploded like a volcano times four,
It was then that you saw the love I have for you,
If my pain hadn’t exploded, what would I really do?


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