Leaving You

Every time you saw me,
You saw hatred in my eyes.
It was hatred towards myself.
I loved you, but yet I shouldn’t have loved you.
Being cold and cruel to you was the only thing left to do.
I was incapable of showing emotion
On the outside.
But on the inside…
I was bursting with emotion-
It hurt at lot.
Not to mention to loneliness I felt.
So every night I would go outside and stare at the stars
Hoping I’d be able to show at least a little emotion on the outside
Knowing that the closest you and I could be was the distance between me…
And the stars.
You tried to help me,
But yet I rejected you
I walked away.
I figured that leaving you was the best thing I could do
For you…
And for me.
So I left.
Knowing that you loved me,
Knowing that I couldn’t return your love,
Knowing that you’d wait for me until the day you died.
But nevertheless
Wthout a glance back,
I left.


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