I’m Sorry

I’m sorry I fell for you,
I’m sorry you loved me too,
I’m sorry I said those things,
I’m sorry we had some flings,
I’m sorry I proved you wrong,
When it was true all along.

I’m sorry I trashed your life,
I’m sorry you wanted me as your wife,
I’m sorry to burst your bubble,
I’m sorry to cause so much trouble,
I’m sorry for being a bitch,
And then acting like a snitch.

I’m sorry for being a trap,
I’m sorry I felt like that,
I’m sorry I misled you,
I’m sorry for what I put you through,
I’m sorry for how I made you feel,
When you discovered that this wasn’t for real.

I’m sorry for dissing you,
I’m sorry for blaming you,
I’m sorry for your arrest,
I’m sorry for not being the best,
And I’m not sorry for writing this poem,
To show that I’m not the one.

That deserves your everlasting love,
That should have been as pure as a dove,
That should have admitted the truth,
For being so damn rude.

But just know that I didn’t care,
About what anyone would see or hear,
‘Cause in this game, you were the chosen one,
And guess what? You won.

I couldn’t stay with you,
I couldn’t bear what I had to do,
But I couldn’t take it further,
Else things would’ve been harder.

So I ended it then and there,
And made you think I didn’t care,
But deep down, I really did,
But I couldn’t face the truth so I hid.

I moved far away from you,
Because I also felt hurt too,
So one thing I want you to see,
Is how I’ll forever be sorry.


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