Fairy Tale Love

A land far away
Hidden by the evil queen
My Prince kept at bay

A wonderful sight
Great to see and not to bright
Sunset before night.


Glistening water drops
From a sad unguarded face
Now about to cry.
(btw, idk how you guys pronounce glistening but i do it with 2 syllables(even if its wrong, i don’t care), not three)


Cute little creatures
Especially when they’re small
Until they grow up.


Small, fast and furry
Fast as a car that’s speeding
And full of cuteness

Water Park

Fun slides fast and slow
Nature walks and canoeing
The best water park


Things that come and go
Joy, sadness, anger, hatred
Lived by everyone


My worst enemy
No matter if large or small
It scares me shitless


Tastes so delicious
But not a great fan of me
Delicious curry


I hate them so much
Because the stick in my throat
And make me feel choked


Really dumb siblings
Who’s selfish in everything
And wants things their way

Very attractive
But beware he steals your kids
You’ll know when they’re gone


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