Friendship Gone Wrong

I always felt left out,
Abandoned by the world,
No one to talk to,
Just me, my pen, my paper
And my book.

I write my feelings down.
If something happened to me
That made me cry,
I write something on it.
If something made me feel lonely,
I write something on it.
As long as I had pen and paper,
Everything would be ok.

I don’t need people!
Do I need people?
What’s the point of having friends,
If all they do is ignore and hurt you,
And treat you like shit,
Just because they have lots of money and you don’t?

So what?
I’m a better person than they’ll ever be!
You gain and lose friends every day.
I have friends and never lost a single one at all.
Until now.

The only friend I had when I moved was you.
You used me, made me feel exposed.
Exposed me to the world
Because you were so well-known.

So now we’re not friends.
Everyone knows.
People I’ve never seen before
Are asking me questions about our friendship
How did it end?
We were always together- never separated,
Unless we have different classes or had to go home.

I guess things and times change.
I’d have missed you
If you weren’t such a *****.
Maybe we could‘ve been honest with each other,
But instead you…
I never thought that you were that kind of person.

I guess people change.
You became a *****,
I got quieter, trying to not get people to notice me.
Always being nice to you,
But you never did the same…


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