I was waiting for you but you never came,
I tried calling you but you never answered,
So I called your mother,
Then your father,
They both say
You’re by your friend’s sister,
Studying or something,

I find the address,
I need to hurry up.
Before I get a heartache,
For I fear what I assume is true.

I just want to get over with it.

The door is slightly ajar,
I open it quietly and walk in,
Loud music playing upstairs…

Again, the door is ajar,
Is this some kind of trick?
Or was someone too lazy to close the door properly?

The closer I get, the more I hear faint sounds in the background.

I need to be strong.

I take a deep breath and open the door.
Guess what?
They were having “fun”,
On her bed.

No studying,
Just an aura of love,
An aura capable of breaking my heart-
It’s already chipping away at the edges.

Books on the floor,
Both of them…
Too much to bear.

What is really going on?
I try to ask but my throat is blocked,
My heart’s chipping away faster now,
Like a dog with a bone or a cat with fish.

A gasp escapes after several attempts to speak,
Now they decide to notice me.

His face shows surprise and guilt,
Hers show satisfaction.
The satisfaction of what she’s accomplished-
Stealing my boyfriend and hurting me.

He’s too stunned to even move,
So I leave.
Unable to say anything so I just leave.

I felt like someone cut out my throat the moment I saw them,
Some invisible person who wanted me to keep my mouth shut.
It worked.

Nearly died on my way home…

My tears burst like a river flooding its bank
Just as the lights turned green.
Guess that was the signal to go
To drive, and to cry,
And to almost drive into a pole.

From that day on,
I was never with someone I didn’t trust.
You had to earn my trust.
The hard way.
That way, I’ll never be betrayed again.


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